JAMES GOSLING, intiated the java languages project in in june 1991. Originally developed java program at SUN Micro systems at released in 1995. Since java so unique, most of the team members preferred java language.

The history of java strats from green team members. Java team members intiated a revolutionary task to develop a language for digital devices such set of boxes, telivisions etc. For the green team members it was an advanced concept at that time. But it was suited for internet programming . later java technology as in corporate by net scope. Curerently java is used in internet programming, mobile devices , games , e-bussiness services etc .

The small team of sun engineers called green team . Originally designed for small embedded systems in electronic appiliance, like set-up boxes. First it was called green talk by JAMES GOUSLY and find extance was (.gt ) after That it was called OAK, and was developed as a part of green team.

Why they choose java name for java language? The team gathered to choose a new name. The suggested words were "dynamic", "revolutionary", "Silk", "jolt", "DNA" etc. They wanted something that reflected the essence of the technology: revolutionary, dynamic, lively, cool, unique, and easy to spell and fun to say.

According to James Gosling "Java was one of the top choices along with Silk". Since java was so unique, most of the team members preferred java. Java is an island of Indonesia where first coffee was produced (called java coffee). Notice that Java is just a name not an acronym. (which is now a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation) and released in 1995. In 1995, Time magazine called Java one of the Ten Best Products of 1995.JDK 1.0 released in(January 23, 1996).

Hot Java

Hot java is the web browser from sun micro systems that enables the displays of interactivecontent on the web, using the java language.Hot java is written entirely in java and demonstrates the capabilities of the java programming language.

When the java language first developed and ported to the internet,no browsers were avilable that could run java applets. Although we can view a web page that includes java applets with a regular browser.We will not gain any of java benfits.

Hot java is currently avilable for the SPARC/Solaries platform as awell as windows95 and windowsNT. It's biggest draw is that first web browser to provide supoort for the java language,Thus making the web more dynamic and intractive.

Java Develop kit

The java develop kit comes with a collection of tools that are used for developing running java programs .They include

  1. Applet Viewer(for viewing java applets)
  2. Javac(java Compiler)
  3. Java(Java Interpreter)
  4. Javap(Java Dissembler)
  5. Javah(for header files)
  6. Javadoc(for creating HTML documents)
  7. Jdb(Java debugger)

Up-to-date java versions

  1. JDK Alpha and Beta (1995)
  2. JDK 1.0 (23rd Jan, 1996)
  3. JDK 1.1 (19th Feb, 1997)
  4. J2SE 1.2 (8th Dec, 1998)
  5. J2SE 1.3 (8th May, 2000)
  6. J2SE 1.4 (6th Feb, 2002)
  7. J2SE 5.0 (30th Sep, 2004)
  8. Java SE 6 (11th Dec, 2006)
  9. Java SE 7 (28th July, 2011)
  10. Java SE 8 (18th March, 2014)

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